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Hey Mommy! Just wanted to tell you that you are the best Mommy in the world! Thank you for giving me money to buy food, and go to school. Thankyou for always cooking for me, and telling me to clean my room. Otherwise Id be a bad roommate now. Thankyou for giving birth to me. I know it must've been very painful, and hard on you especially because you're so small! I know that I said that I never wanted to live near you when I grow older, but I hope that after college I get to see you often so that I can eat your yummy yummy food! Don't worry about me too much. Make sure you sing lots and lots of Kareoke, and eat lots of yummy Chinese bread. I'll talk to you soon! I love you! Bye!


Just wanted to give you a thumbs up for a job well done!!!

Top 10 Reasons I love you

10. You never let me leave the house without a jacket

9. You always let me eat the freshest food, and make Daddy eat the leftovers

8. When I was little, you would always come in and cover me with the blanket, and I would pretend to still be sleeping.

7. You tied a string around my tooth, promising to let me pull it out, and then you yanked it out really hard. Thanks! :)

6. When I was small, I wanted to try to pick you up, and you would jump and make it seem like I had picked you up.

5. You always made me Ginger tea and made me eat way tah me C when I was sick.

4. You gave me all the opportunities to do anything I wanted.

3. You send me money so I don't starve and live like a homeless person in college

2. You let me play with fire.

1. You're my MOMMY and I LOVE YOU!!!!